What Will They Say?

Jehoram is a Biblical character whose life, I believe teaches us a lesson we should learn and a warning we should heed. Jehoram was a king over Judah whose reign began at age 32 and lasted for 8 years. He is described as an ungodly king who “did evil in the sight of the Lord” (II Kings 8:18, II Chronicles 21:4). He apparently was a king not thought of very highly by his people. In fact, the Bible says that when he died it was “to no one’s sorrow” (II Chronicles 21:20 NKJV). WOW!! I cannot even imagine living life in such a way that not one single soul mourns your death.

What if Jehoram’s story is given to us so that his legacy will not be our own? How are we living our lives? Is it a life from which flows love, compassion, empathy, and generosity? Or is it a life punctuated with pride, greed, cruelty, and selfishness? I know we all like to think that people whose lives we have touched will be lining up at our memorial service to offer accolades and words of praise. But even if that happens, will it be true? No one likes to speak ill of the dead; however, I have attended funerals during which I had to double check to make sure I was in the right room because the words being spoken about the deceased in no way lined up with either my experience or observation of them.

The challenge for us is to check ourselves. To honestly assess how we are living our lives and the impact we are having on the lives of others. When we are no longer here and our life and legacy are being recalled and remembered, what will they say?

4 Replies to “What Will They Say?”

  1. We must live a life pleasing to God. When we are aligned with God our life and relationships will follow.

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  2. Been blessed with Val as my wife!!!! Friend!!!! Mother of my 3children and now 4 grands!!!!

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