Who’s Got Your Six

I have often wondered where the phrase, “I’ve got your six” originated. I figured it was connected with the military, but who first said it and under what conditions? As it turns out the phrase originated with fighter pilots during WWI.

Imagine you’re standing in the center of a huge clock with your face towards the number twelve. The number six would be at your back. So, when one pilot would say to another, I’ve got your six, he meant was I’ve got your back. But it carries with it so much more than merely having another’s back. It is an oath of loyalty, commitment, and protection. It’s saying, I’ll protect you from whatever tries to attack you. I’ll get between you and your enemy; I am even willing to sacrifice my own life for yours.

How apropos is that on this resurrection Sunday as we remember, celebrate, and give honor to our Lord and Savior for making the ultimate sacrifice for us? In this life we will face many dangers, some of which we many never see coming. We know who our real enemy is and what his intentions are (John 10:10), even when he is in camouflage. However, we don’t have eyes in the back of our head so we can’t always tell when he has launched a rear attack. God wants us to know that we need not worry about that. In Ephesians chapter 6, listed among God’s armor that we are instructed to put on, our protective battle gear, there is nothing listed that covers our back. There is gear for our head, our chest, our waist, and our feet, and we are to carry a sword and a shield, but our back is seemingly left unprotected. Seemingly, but not actually. Why? Because our Lord, our Savior, our protector , the one who willingly gave His life for us, the one who is a shield between us and the enemy; Jesus has our six!!!

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