Don’t Reconstitute

When I was growing up my family was financially challenged, aka poor. There were many things we could not afford so, when grocery shopping my mother would purchase the “no frills”, no name, black and white label items. Some of you may remember them. One of the things she used to get for less money was Orange Juice in a can. It was supposedly concentrated, and water had to be added in order to make it palatable. But it never tasted quite like real Orange Juice. It tasted just like what it was; watered down juice.

In this day of social media, quick fixes, and a desire to be relevant, I’m afraid the same thing is being done to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s being watered down. Oftentimes there is no teaching on establishing a relationship with God the Father through belief and confession in Jesus as Lord (Romans 10:9-10), and people are invited to just join church with the so-called “right hand of fellowship” with no mention of Jesus at all. In other cases, people are made to feel as if they must get themselves together before Christ will accept them and are sometimes rejected by and ejected from churches because they show up in church looking and/or smelling like the very sin that Jesus died to cleanse them of. One of the most wonderful things about Jesus is, we all can come to Him just as we are, whatever broke down, jacked up condition we are in; but praise God, He loves us far too much to leave us that way. Cleaning us up, on the inside AND outside is His job. So, if you are at a point in your life where you are seeking, maybe you want to turn your life around, start making better choices, establish or deepen your relationship with God; the pure, unadulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer. Because when it comes to the Gospel, we don’t reconstitute.

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