Spiritual Spotters

On those rare occasions I visit the gym, I sometimes notice one individual laying on a bench poised to lift a barbell with a significant amount of weight on it. Standing over them is another individual, there to assist if needed. The person standing is known as the “spotter”. Spotting is the act of supporting another person during a particular exercise by offering light assistance, with an emphasis on allowing the participant to lift or push more than they normally could do safely. The spotter also offers encouragement to the person they are assisting while they are going through the motions of the excercise.

There may be times in your life during which you may need a spiritual spotter. Particularly when whatever you are going through seems too much to bare. You may need someone to help hold you up, to provide support and encouragement, sometimes just to get you through the day. I have experienced seasons of my life that were so painful, so emotionally and spiritually draining that I could hardly even utter a word of prayer on my own behalf. That is when, praise God, I had people in my life who would pray with and for me. Who would encourage me and walk with me through the storm until it passed. Kind of like Aaron and Hur did for Moses (Exodus 17: 11-12), and when they did, Joshua and company were victorious over the Amalekites. So, if or when you experience a period of despair and you feel as if life is getting the best of you and you think you can’t make it, ask God to send someone you can trust to support you, and pray for you, and encourage you. Just as He did for Moses and just as He did for me, you will be victorious when, God provides your very own spiritual spotter.  

2 Replies to “Spiritual Spotters”

  1. Amen, the spotter can also see things from a different perspective . Thank you for a spotter in my life.

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