Reclaiming My Time

Earlier this year, on July 27th, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin was testifying before the House Financial Services committee and was being questioned by Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California’s 43rd district.  Aunty Maxine, as she is affectionately known by some, was questioning him regarding a letter she sent two months prior and his failure to respond to said letter. Each congressperson who participates in the questioning is allotted a limited amount of time to ask questions.  So, when Secretary Mnuchin was being evasive and not answering the question posed to him, Aunty Maxine began stating, “reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time.” This was done to prevent the time Secretary Mnuchin spent being non-responsive counted against her allocation of time for questions. She did not want her time wasted and misused. By saying “reclaiming my time”, she was essentially saying, reset the clock. When I heard that phrase, I immediately thought of it from a spiritual perspective.

Very often the enemy of God’s people will insert himself into our lives and seemingly cause us to waste or loose time. He will hit us with distractions, and fears, and doubts resulting in indecision and delay. Before long we look around and weeks, months or years have gone by and the enemy thinks he’s won. But he does not understand the magnitude of our God who says in His Word that He will restore the years the Locust has eaten (Joel 2:25-26), He will restore our health (Jeremiah 30:17) and increase our greatness (Psalms 71:21). Of course, since it’s 2017 we can’t go back in time and start over. But God is not bound by time, nor is He limited by past, present, and future. When thinking about God restoring years and redeeming time, think less about Chronos and more about Kairos. Chronos is just what it sounds like, the chronology of time; minutes, days, weeks, etc. However, Kairos is an opportune time, an appointed time, a season. Therefor, if we start later than others but accomplish our goal ahead of schedule and before those who had a supposed head start, that is a Kairos moment. If you have had broken relationships and post reconciliation is exponentially better than all the prior years, that is a Kairos moment. God doesn’t always have to give us more time, but He empowers us by the Holy Spirit to accomplish more, and be more with the time we have. So, as this new year approaches, don’t allow the enemy to make you think you’re too old, or you’ve wasted too much time, or missed all of your opportunities and there are no more coming. Don’t allow him to harass you with the sins of your past, or a broken relationship. Get up in his face with Holy Spirit boldness and say, “Reclaiming my time, Reclaiming my time, Reclaiming my time”.!!!!!!!  

6 Replies to “Reclaiming My Time”

  1. Preach !!!
    I always admire how you allow God to use and speak through you.
    I thank God for God and for those like yourself.
    Happy holidays to you and your family.


  2. I remember seeing some of that and wondered what that was all about. But after reading this I get a better understanding!!!!! Very insightful.


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