God….You ARE the Father

Photo Credit: Benji Aird.

The TV talk show Maury Povich features various topics, but it is most known for administering DNA tests to determine paternity of a child whose mother, having had multiple partners has no idea whom her child should call father. Not until the test results are obtained and there is evidence, can paternity be established. Sometimes I think we Christians need a spiritual DNA test to check if God really is our father.

We may have been going around saying that He is, but what would a spiritual DNA test show? Would there be any evidence? The evidence for a spiritual DNA test is a changed life; a mind that has been renewed, an attitude that has been adjusted, a lifestyle transformed, all by the power of God, accessed through faith in Jesus Christ. When that happens we can accurately say that we are God’s child (Romans 8:14, John 1:12). The DNA will prove with 99.9999% accuracy that God…. You ARE the Father.

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