Father Knows Best

Photo CreditLiane Metzler.

In 1954 the television series Father Knows Best made its debut.  The show was about the Anderson family headed by the wise and loving father Jim.  He and his wife Margaret were the parents of three children.  Most of the episodes revolved around one of the children finding themselves in some sort of dilemma, usually of their own making due to an unwise choice.  Very often those choices were in violation of a directive or warning issued by the father.  But when one of the children were in distress, of their own making or otherwise, they knew they could count on their father to come to the rescue. 

Oftentimes the children would attempt to fix things themselves only to make a bad situation worse.  However, when they sought help from their father, he was there.  He may have been disappointed in them but he never turned his back on them even if their wounds were self-inflicted.  There were sometimes consequences for their poor choices but their father treated them with the utmost love and compassion. 

I’m going somewhere with this and you have probably already figured it out.  This is, as my pastor Dharius Daniels would say, a “picturesque portrait” of the relationship between us Christians, children of the most High God and our Heavenly Father.  Yes, the Bible says we will have troubles and difficulties in this world (John 16:33 NKJV).   However, if we live our lives according to what the Word says and follow the direction in which the Holy Spirit leads (John 14:26, 16:12-14 NKJV), our troubles will not be of our own making. 

But whether they are or not, when we cry out for help from our Abba Father, He is there (Psalms 34:7 NKJV).  We should never allow pride or fear to prevent us from seeking the hand, the heart, the face, and the wisdom of God.  After all, Father knows best. 

2 Replies to “Father Knows Best”

  1. I am thankful we have a heavenly father who cares, protects, provides and is always there for us!


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