The Spin Doctor

Photo Credit: Shane Albuquerque.

The term spin doctor first entered our common vernacular in the early 1980’s. The Cambridge English dictionary defines spin doctor as “Someone whose job is to make ideas, events, etc. seem better than they really are”.  Merriam Webster dictionary defines a spin doctor as “A person responsible for ensuring that others interpret an event from a particular point of view”. Political aides and publicists readily come to mind when I think of spin doctors.  They take verbal gaffes and negative events in the lives of their clients and present them to the public in such a way as to make them more palatable. Their job is to make someone with the character of Cruella De Vil come across like Mother Theresa.  When they are done spinning a lie, the public, if not careful and informed, will begin to believe it as truth.  And if those lies ever find their way to social media, forget about it.  The lie has gone around the world twice before the truth is finally uncovered. 

But publicists and political aides have nothing on the master spin doctor, satan, the enemy of God’s people.  No one can weave a web of lies and deception like him.  He is not bilingual and lying is his native language.  He isn’t your run of the mill liar; the Bible calls him the father of lies (John 8:44 NIV).  But he also fancies himself clever and will sometimes mix in a little truth with his lies.  But we must remember that a HALF truth is a WHOLE lie.  If we are not mindful and aware of his devices, he will have us believing all sorts of stuff about ourselves and others.  Whenever some negative or strange thoughts come into your mind, ask yourself these seven words “What does the Bible say about that”? 

Yes, there are certain scriptures we should know. And yes, we should hide the word in our hearts.  But if you’re not there yet don’t feel bad…. Google it.  Get that Word and sling it in the devil’s face.  The Word of God is our greatest weapon and the enemy is no match for it or us when we are armed with it.  We do not have to allow ourselves, our minds, or our behavior to be swayed by the lies of the enemy.  Get that Word and throw it like a Javelin and say “Now spin that…. doctor”.   

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