Grace, A Lifetime Warranty

Photo Credit: Michael Held.

Within the Christian community there are those who fear God’s grace like the plague and teach very little about it, if at all.  They are afraid that if the people of God are taught too much about grace, they will go about willy nilly committing all manner of sinful acts without care or concern because grace has got them covered.  And unfortunately there are those who do just that.  Now God’s grace is a wonderful thing and I thank Him for it every day, but it and He are nothing to be trifled with.  God’s standard of Holiness for His people has not changed (Leviticus 20:7-8, I Peter 1:15-16). This does not mean that God expects us to live perfect, error free lives.  But He does expect that as Christians we pattern our lives after that of Christ and navigate life and relationships the way He did. 

However, when we fail, and we will, that is when God’s grace kicks in; when we ask forgiveness with a repentant heart.  God’s grace is sort of like having a lifetime warranty on your vehicle; you don’t want to be in the position of needing to use it but when something breaks down, you’re glad you have it at your disposal. Now, only a fool would go out and take a hammer to their vehicle and deliberately do damage to it just because it’s under warranty. Likewise, only a fool would deliberately and repeatedly sin just because God’s grace is available to them. God loves and He forgives, but there will certainly be consequences for willfully transgressing the Word of God. Not in a condemning, punitive sort of way but as a loving Father who needs to correct His sons or daughters for their own protection or well- being (Hebrews 12:5-7). 

So when you make mistakes and don’t live up to God’s standards, don’t cower in fear or think that God is angry with you and wants nothing to do with you.  Just go to Him, confess whatever it is, ask forgiveness and repent and God will forgive and restore you (I John 1:9).  That is what His Grace is all about.  It’s there when you need it.  After all, as children of the most High God we are under lifetime warranty.

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